For VC and PE Funds

How does Hubble Ventures help VCs and PE funds?




Being the chosen VC or PE firm is becoming more and more difficult. Operational support is the way to add value to your investments. Hubble helps you create and embed an effective strategy.

We quickly identify opportunities for growth AND failure. Reduce risk by increasing the productivity of the team. This is all enabled through outsourced specialists like swat teams who can effect change quickly without adding substantially to OPEX.

All of this work increases your multiple and ROI. Our focus is to spot the missing gaps and monetise them.

The markets are flowing with capital and it’s no longer enough to attract promising startups. Offering on-the-ground support to your portfolio companies is the game-changer that will set you apart from your peers. Hubble enables you to pivot into a VC with operational expertise by providing you with the critical tools, guidance, and team.

Hubble helps you cultivate entrepreneurs and drive innovation within your ecosystem by empowering your team to quickly deploy decisions across portfolio businesses. Our targeted services and digital operational support will support both you and your portfolio companies to scale the next generation of boundary-breaking companies.




We have an ecosystem that stretches across industries and borders

Over 60 years experience in technology and digital through leading experts

A customer-centric approach to solving problems across the portfolio